Fongyun: 香港突首憎人權同志嚴正聲明﹕必須旗幟鮮明地反對動亂

19 January 2010

Caution: I have followed the original as closely as possible. One may find Chinese grammar in the English text
Donald Tsang:
Concerning the opinions expressed on the funding of the HK High Speed Rail project, the vast majority of citizens, workers, farmers, intellectuals, people from all trades and young students, have expressed [SIC] their own opinions in various means, and expressed their wish to covert money into power, to contribute towards linking up with Vaterland and reviving the economy. During such activities, unusual circumstances appeared as well. An extreme minority used the situations to create rumours, and pointedly attacked HKSAR and national leaders; they deceived the crowd into charging Zhung-Hwan, where HKSAR-central, Legislative Council are located; some even cried out Down with the loyalists, and serious incidents of criminals beating, smashing, robbing and burning happened on the roads.

People's Daily, 1989 '4-26' Editorial

Bearing in mind the heartaches borne by the vast Crowd[sic], the People’s Government of HKSAR has taken a tolerant and restrained stance vis-a-vis certain inappropriate postulations and actions of the young students in their emotional states. Before the 16th [January] vote, the early arrivals at the Statue Square hasn’t been clear from the site as usual, but requested to respect the public order, to morn Vegetable Garden Village altogether. Due to the collaborative effort, the gathering was conducted smoothly in a solemn atmosphere.





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