Hong Kong citizens and Legco break new grounds in Representative Democracy

27 January 2010

It is the best of time, it is the worst of time.

In the darkest days of Hong Kong democracy, when everything seems hopeless, the HKSAR-developer conglomerate dominating all state affairs with no checks or balances, backed by the totalitarian and all powerful communist party of China,
when the youth find no future,
when the establishment, with the legislature, executive and mass media in their hands, and the judiciary threatened, do everything they can to silent dissent,

there is a new light: through optical fibres,
citizens communicate directly to legislators in manners, urgency and audacity yet unseen;
legislators talk directly and unfiltered to the camera of the people;
questions in the streets become questions in the chamber;
decisions and actions in the chamber are instantly discussed by the citizen.

Hong Kong has broken new grounds in and given new meanings to Representative Democracy.

See also
黃毓民議員就議事規則第28(A)條作出的個人解釋: 為義受壓迫的人有福了!


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