the quality and standards of gas supplied by sinopec(hong kong), a branch of the national petroleum conglomerate of communist china, has been questioned, after a massive series of dead-engines reported by taxi and minibus drivers in Hong Kong.

The question is, will it evolve into another political crisis for Hong Kong, or even Peking?

the erosion of quality control is just a symptom of the erosion of hong kong values, which were too fragile in the first place.

what is needed to repair the harms? and how did the erosion happen in the first place? what is the key ingredient that was missing? why did hong kong become a headless duck after the brits said goodbye?

From BBC News:
For the period 2000-2008, melting Greenland ice raised sea levels by an average of about 0.46mm per year.

Since 2006, that has increased to 0.75mm per year.

In total, sea levels are rising by about 3mm per year, principally because seawater is expanding as it warms.

“If you multiply these numbers up it puts us well beyond the IPCC estimates for 2100”
— Professor Roger Barry