and his wife and journalists from the west are not allowed to hear it

– 練乙錚: 千回歸萬回歸 司法獨立不能回歸 - 信報時事評論頭條, 21-7-2008

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練乙錚 on hong kong economic journal:

– quoted by Vaclav Havel,


– Vaclav Havel

in an interview with Karel Hvizdala, about the role of “intellectuals”
– from 希望的政治 (哈維爾選集,唐山出版社,translated from “Disturbing the Peace”, Chapter 5)

– Suzanne Pepper: Letters from hong kong.

I believe profoundly that in the struggle against Communists and their organizations … we cannot and should not resort to the methods and forms employed by the Communists.” His warning to Americans: to fight Stalinism in such a way was to court the danger of starting to resemble their opponent.

– Kravchenko, quoted by Slavoj Zizek on New York Times